The function of the subfloor is often underestimated because you don’t see it. A proper subfloor can have many advantages like a nice living environment. But it can also prevent many problems.

A subfloor is a soft layer that is floating (loose) between a solid underground and a laminate- PVC or parquet floor, or in the case of a fixed glued floor; a wooden subfloor.

The function of the subfloor can vary; prevent dampness, sound in the room, or sound to the downstairs neighbours, level savings, evening out , stability, adhesion etc.

Subfloors are often of subsequent importance. Understandable, because it is a complicated matter with a range of offers. And, at the end of the day, you won’t see the subfloor. But, you do feel and hear the difference.

Therefore, we can advise you when choosing your subfloor.

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